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How to Dress Like a Rock Star

August 31, 2019


I definitely have no singing capabilities whatsoever nor can I play any musical instruments, but I can dress the part! I’ve been mistaken on many occasions as the “frontwoman” of one of the bands playing when I’ve been at shows. My friends and I have even had some fun with some drunk concertgoers who were convinced I was in one of the bands. It’s fun and I genuinely like the look, so if you’re wondering how to incorporate some rock star elements into your wardrobe, here’s a guide to get you going! Click on the photos below to shop the pieces shown.

Color Palette – You’ll usually want to stick with dark, muted colors, with the exception of red and white. Black or grey is a great base and then maroon, olive green, navy, and white are great colors to mix in. When in doubt – go with black.

(Faux) Leather – Okay, what says rock star more than some leather? I try to go for faux leather and I recommend you do, too, or buy vintage. P.S. A leather-looking motorcycle jacket is a must – so easy to throw this on with any outfit and give it an edgier vibe. I wouldn’t recommend wearing too many leather items in one outfit or it can look a little dominatrix, but you do you!

Studs + Spikes – I love me some hardware on my clothes and accessories, so sometimes I have to remember to dial it back and not have everything covered in studs or spikes. If it’s more subtle, this is a great way to add some more texture and interest to your outfit.

Distressed – Distressing is a great way to give the IDGAF look of rock stars. Denim, shirts, shorts, sweaters with frays, rips, and tears look great and can be paired with many of the other elements listed on this post.

Sequins – Yes, you can still rock some sequins and glam items with your look! Some feminity is completely okay, especially if that’s more your style. A sequin tank, skinny jeans, some studded shoes, and a red lip would look awesome!

Denim – To be fair, what style doesn’t denim go with? Feel free to have fun with your denim – colored, ripped, dark, light – you can really do whatever you want with your denim!

Animal Print – Leopard print, tiger print, and snakeskin – oh, my! Don’t shy away from adding some animal print to your outfit. This is a great way to add some personality. I especially love leopard print and a leopard mini skirt paired with a graphic tank and a fun hat just drips in festival vibes.

Mesh + Fishnet – This material screams rock-n-roll! These can be a great layering piece, too, if you want to cover up some skin from that crop top or shorts. This is more daring and people do tend to think of it as risque, but that’s rock-n-roll, baby!

Fringe – Fringe is a fun way to add some intrigue! I especially love a fringe belt like the one above that you can throw on with various outfits to add some edge.

Outfit Inspiration

I wouldn’t recommend adding too many of these elements into the same outfit – it will start to look a bit costumey or just plain too much. It’s usually best to pick one or two statement pieces and then style around that with more subdued elements.

10 Staples You Need in Your Closet

Motorcycle Jacket

Long Wearing Red Lipstick

Black Skinny Jeans

Combat Boots

Graphic Shirt

Mini Skirt

Aviator Sunglasses

Bold Belt

Leopard Skirt


Real-Life Inspiration

Need some actual rock stars to inspire you? Here are my favorites!

What do you think? Did I miss any elements that would help attain this rock star look? Comment below!

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