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15 Online Stores with Rock n Roll Fashion

September 29, 2020

When you’re in the mood to do a little wardrobe updating or just want to add a couple rock pieces for an upcoming concert – I’ve got you! These are some of my favorite online stores to get some rockerish clothing from. They vary in style and price, but I recommend checking them all out and seeing what you think. Whether you want some studded, badassery or some boho glam clothes, there’s a little bit of everything!

Also, this isn’t a sponsored post. No store on this list asked to be included, I just wanted to share with you!


Pretty Attitude

I think this is the shop I frequent the most and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen me in some Pretty Attitude apparel, especially for concerts. They’ve got a black label, which is more dark, gothic, and metal-feeling and a white label, which is more boho, light, and glam rock-feeling. I tend to lean more towards the black label items, personally, but I do like and own some things from the white label, too. They tend to have discount codes pretty often, so sign up for their emails or follow them so you don’t miss out.

Little Lies

Little Lies has beautiful things for Bohemian dreamers and Rock ‘n Roll Queens. This store has a little bit of everything and even has rock-n-roll inspired home decor, too! I think my favorite section, though, is their dresses. They have a huge variety andI’m also a big fan that they have plus-sized items available.

Trendy & Tipsy

I love Trendy & Tipsy and often stalk their Instagram for some inspiration. They have sooo many items and a vintage section, too. I love shopping the ‘Featured Trends’ section that they continuously add to. I think I’d wear literally everything on this website.

Grit N Glory

Tattoo shop or clothing line? It’s actually a little bit of both! They frequently have fun, graphic designs with a lot of work based off of traditional tattoos. Tattoos + rock n roll? You can’t go wrong.

Rock-n-Boho Clothing

This shop has a lot of items to choose from and a little bit of everything. They’re based out of Nashville and I think that is very apparent with their 70’s ish style boho rock apparel.

Peepshow Clothing

If you want to wear items similar to the Butcher Babies and Maria Brink from In This Moment, Peepshow is for you! They’ve literally worn her designs on stage and in music videos and I can see why! Peepshow designs are eye-catching and super sexy. She typically does one of a kind or very small batches, so follow her to see if anything catches your eye!

Forgotten Saints

Another brand I’ve seen actual rockstars wear – especially their hats. Their hats are insane and I love them. Lots of studs on a variety of items from Forgotten Saints, too, which will always have a sweet spot in my heart.

Delicious Boutique

This shop has a huge variety of alt fashion that can seamlessly integrate into your rock n roll wardrobe. Some of it might be a little more ‘out there’ than you’d typically wear but I encourage experimenting and going outside your comfort zone once in a while.

Punk Design

This one lives up to it’s name and does run more gothic than straight up rocker, but there is some overlap. Really, as long as you don’t pile on too many pieces from here, any item should fit into your wardrobe nicely. Take a look at the accessories, especially.


Religion clothing is edgy yet somehow still very chic. I really like some of the not-so-basic basics they have available. It is a more up-scale line and prices reflect that. I’m not sure if I’d risk wearing one of their items to a show, but definitely a night out when I’m trying to look badass.

SJ Designs & Co

This style of bleached tees are super popular right now and SJ Designs & Co has lots to choose from. If you’re feeling extra edgy, you could try to customize them with some strategic ripping and cutting yourself.


Another store that actual rockstars have worn – in fact, many are featured all across the site. I will warn you, though, that it is mostly men’s clothing, so keep that in mind when browsing. I really like the streetwear tops, in particular.


I freaking love Akira! Not totally rock n roll, but they definitely have edgy items that will certainly work. I love to search ‘leather,’ ‘fringe,’ and/or ‘studded’ to find things that match the rocker vibes. They have killer shoes, too.

Rocker Babe Shop

This shop looks newer and mostly has accessories, but I’m diggin what I’m seeing! Lots of studs and plenty of attitude in all their items. Plus accessories can make or break your outfit, so some rock-like items are always good to pile onto your outfit.

Have you shopped at any of these stores before? Did I miss any? Comment and let me know!

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