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Happy Birthday to Me… Something Sparkly from Gemandi

January 31, 2020

As a little birthday present to myself, I got a couple rings from Gemandi for everyday wear. I like to have a ring on each hand that I just wear as my normal, everyday jewelry. I want to be able to shower, bathe, and anything else I’d normally do without worrying about my jewelry. I found Gemandi on Instagram and was immediately drawn to their beautiful designs and affordable prices.


I went with the Fanny Pack ring, Goddess ring, and they had a deal going on where I got a free ring, so I went with the Sorbet ring. They are so beautiful and sparkle SO MUCH. I’ve been wearing them about a week now and they’re holding up well. Save 15% on your entire order by using this link or code GN23AC69 at checkout now through February 3rd!

The most appealing part for me? Gemandi backs up their jewelry for LIFE! Gemandi jewelry is covered for life with a Lifetime Quality Coverage. They’ll re-plate, reset crystals, or replace any damaged pieces. All you have to do is just send your Gemandi jewelry back to them and they’ll take care of it. This was huge. I love that I don’t have to worry about my rings, because Gemandi will take care of them if something were to happen.

EDIT 2/25/21: It looks like Gemandi is no longer offering the lifetime guarantee and is doing a standard 30-day warranty. Boo!

The Fanny Pack statement ring has a large black crystal at the center that is cut into a trendy teardrop. The confident, deep crystal stands up tall and strong, just like you. Seven white crystals spin around the bottom in a heavy-hanging halo that stands out from the crowd with a peek of exposed skin.

The Goddess ring is a dainty straight band with crystals covering the top half. I paired this with another gold ring that I wear on my right hand to add some sparkles. The sorbet ring is a gorgeous lilac round cut with accompanying side crystals. I haven’t gotten a chance to wear this one, but I can’t wait to!

What one is your favorite? I’ve got a couple that I’m eyeballing next…

Don’t forget to save 15% on your entire order by using this link or code GN23AC69 at checkout now through February 3rd!

* Full transparency: I purchased these rings with my own money and on my own accord. Gemandi provided me with a discount code after the fact and I will receive 10% commission if you shop using my link or code. These are my honest opinions on the product and I am only interested in partnering with brands that I love. Thank you!

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    February 25, 2021 at 7:09 am

    Yes, they’re absolutely gorgeous at first… but how did they hold up after a month, a few months? I got 3 rings from Gemandi and the colored gems on 2 of them lost all their color after almost a month of normal, occasional wear. Gemandi refused to help because it was 3 days past 30 days. As for the 3rd ring, it lasted 3 months before the same thing happened. Left an honest comment about my experience on their IG only to find out it was deleted shortly after. Apparently this is common practice for them which is why you can’t find any negative reviews or comments about them. But I did some digging and I was able to find other girls who had similar issues with their rings and was also refused help from gemandi, as well as had their comments deleted. I hope you’ll do an update on this post and let us know if you experienced any issues with your rings.

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      February 25, 2021 at 2:14 pm

      Hi there! Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that about your rings! I haven’t had any problems with the gems or stones on any of my rings, but I did have the band wear down after daily use after about 5 months. Like I wrote above, last year they had a 100% lifetime happiness guarantee but that seems to not be the case anymore. I found one page up on their website that still mentions this: That’s a shame! I did actually reach out some months after this post because of the wear on the band and they did replace it for me. I’m guessing fashion jewelry can’t have a lifetime guarantee on it or they’ll forever be replacing it. I’m not sure when the lifetime to 30 day change was made, but that really stinks. That was a huge draw for me to this brand.

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