How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer

August 8, 2015

Choosing a wedding photographer is definitely one of the most important decisions surrounding the big day. There are tons of amazing photographers to choose from to capture your wedding, but I’ve compiled some tips to hopefully make the process a little easier for you.

1. Pick your budget. This is important. You need to look at photographers who are within your budget. Some list where their packages start out at online, others don’t. Just contact them with your wedding date and ask for a price list or what their packages start at.

2. View their portfolio. This is also very important. Find a photographer who’s style you love. Look at their website, ask to see a whole wedding day. These examples are what you should be expecting to receive from your wedding day. You should love their work for most, if not all, weddings they show.

3. Meet in person. Meeting up with your photographer will show if you guys vibe and fit each other. You’ll probably discuss all the options for the wedding photography at this point, too.

4. See what products they offer. Do you want an album? High resolution images? A book? Canvas? Make sure they offer the products you’re looking for.

5. Ask around. You can always ask friends and family if they have any suggestions. Or if you remember seeing photos from a wedding you attended and loved them, see who they used.

6. Do an engagement session. A lot of photographers offer these in their wedding packages and this is a good opportunity to see how they work with you and what results you’re going to be getting.

I first wrote this article for the Peoria Camera Shop blog.

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