My Favorite Fashion Bloggers + Inspiration on Instagram

December 23, 2019

Instagram is full of amazing, fashionable people and I wanted to share some of my favorites. These ladies always inspire and make me want just about everything they’re wearing… take a look!

Luanna of Le Happy – I discovered Luanna early on when I first got on Instagram. I absolutely LOVE her style and if I could have anyone’s wardrobe, she wins by a long shot. It’s got that rock-n-roll edge that just draws me in. Also, her hair is goals. She usually has a fiery mane going on and I’m insanely jealous of it.

Sara of IindieFoxx – I’ve been following Sara for a while now and I just love her vibe! Her fashion style is often described as a mix of indie, boho, and grunge with a hint of western. She’s located in Nashville and always super responsive if you ask questions or comment on her photos. She is very open and has even shared her favorite photo spots in Nashville, which I think is super cool and I definitely want to check out some of those spots next time I’m in Nashville.

Rachel of Jaglever – Rachel’s style is both and vintage, often channelling a 70’s hippie/boho vibe. She always has great photos and I always have photo/fashion-envy each time a new photo pops up on my feed. She’s located in NYC and often posts her adventures in the city!

Nicole Alyse – Nicole is also based in NYC and frequently highlights fashion, beauty, vegan food, and travel. I love her try-on / styling videos in her closet, so cute! She definitely has that rocker DGAF vibes and I’m here for it!

Rubi Ortiz – Rubi always posts very classic, wearable pieces but styles them in such a way that gives them new life! She’s based out of Los Angeles and is a Fashion Nova ambassador.

I’d love to hear who YOUR favorites are! Please comment below!

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