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What’s in My Beach Bag?

August 1, 2019

Summer is starting to wind down now (so sad, I know), but there is still time to hit the pool or beach a few more times before it starts getting cooler out. I have a trusty beach bag that has all my swimming essentials ready to go, I essentially just grab that and a towel! Check out my beach bag or swim must-haves below.

The Bag – I’ve had a canvas tote for a few years now, so I cannot find the exact one online, but I did find some similar ones that are close to what I actually use. It’s big enough to hold various things, but not too big to be a burden when I’m taking it places.

Sunscreen – Probably the most important item in your bag! Protect yourself! I probably have too much sunscreen, but I’d rather have that than the opposite. I’ve got some spray sunscreen, some lotion, as well as some solids because I find it’s easier to get it on a tattoo with that. I have everything from SPF 15 up to SPF 70 in my bag, so I’m covered no matter what I’m doing.

Sunglasses – I keep a pair or two of inexpensive sunglasses because it never fails that I leave my usual pair in my car.

Koozies – Keeping some koozies in your bag comes in so handy! I’ve typically got 2-3 different ones and people love to borrow one when we’re drinking out in the sun.

Lip Balm – This is a necessary item for me and I always keep one with a lot of SPF in my beach bag so they don’t get burnt or chapped!

Hair Ties – A hair tie when you’re swimming can definitely be useful.

Waterproof Bag/Pouch – I usually stick my phone or keys in here just to be sure they don’t get wet!

That sums up what I’ve always got with me at the pool or beach. I want to know, though, did I miss anything!? Comment and let me know!

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