30 Things I Learned by 30

February 4, 2021

According to my birth certificate, I’m turning 30 this year… today to be exact. It’s weird because part of me still feels very much like an 18-year-old. As my dirty-thirty birthday approached, I wanted to reflect on some lessons that I’ve learned over the years and things I wish I could go back and tell my younger self.

  1. People will always judge you, so you might as well live authentically and do what makes you happy. Seriously, you can try to fit in and be a people pleaser, but people will still find something to judge about you.
  2. Speak your truth, even when it’s hard. Some people will be upset that you’re brave enough to tell your story. Let them be upset. Your truth is yours and yours alone. In fact, you might inspire others going through similar things to reach out.
  3. Don’t be afraid of change. In fact, embrace it. If you remain comfortable, you’re not advancing or improving your life. Always strive for more.
  4. Choose kindness. Be kind to others, even when they are not kind to you. You’ll sleep better at the end of the day. This includes being honest, even when it’s hard.
  5. It’s never too late to start something, to change something, or to end something.
  6. You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for and you will get through the many obstacles you face.
  7. Trust your gut. I’ve found that more times than not, my initial gut instinct was correct.
  8. Take your health and fitness seriously. You’ll feel better and look better, which boosts your self-confidence. It can give you a routine and an outlet, too.
  9. Take advantage of the block function online and IRL. You don’t have to tolerate anyone in your life. If their presence brings your pain or anxiety or negativity, you are more than welcome to block them and move on.
  10. Be picky in who you surround yourself with and what you allow in your life. This can apply to friends, family, relationships, and the workplace.
  11. Be aware of your spending habits. Obviously, treat yourself and spend your money in ways that make you happy, but also be sure to put away some in savings and keep your debts as small as possible.
  12. Just wear it. If it makes you gasp, pick up your pace to get to it, or do a little dance when you see it – buy it and wear it, no matter how out there it is.
  13. Create your own happiness. Relying on a significant other for your main source of happiness is something I think everyone does initially, but then realizes that they don’t necessarily need someone to make them happy, but it simply complements their own self-made happiness.
  14. Travel as much as you can. Most people love traveling, so try to do it while you have the time and resources to do so. Experience new places and new experiences often.
  15. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. If you’re struggling in any capacity, it can be so scary to admit it, let alone ask for help. Reach out to a trusted friend or family member or even a professional. It’s worth it.
  16. Don’t fall in love with potential. Take people exactly how they are at that moment. People tend to show you who they really are and we can’t keep holding out for the person they could be.
  17. Have high standards. A person meant to be in your life will rise to exceed your standards, not complain about them. Don’t be afraid to say no or to simply move on from people that let you down.
  18. Take photos of and with those you love often. You never know when that will be the last photo you have with or of someone. Don’t be shy when it comes to documenting your life and those that are important to you.
  19. Be courteous. Think of those around you and how your actions effect them. It takes minimal effort from you to be considerate to others.
  20. Manifest what you want – a job, an apartment, a partner, etc. Set your mind to something and confidently move forward in achieving it. Doubting yourself is only ensuring that it doesn’t happen.
  21. Network – it’s all about people you know. In both your personal and professional life, networking and knowing others is important. You never know who knows who and who might be able to help you out with something.
  22. Always say please and thank you. I know we’re taught this from a young age, but sometimes we get lazy. Say thank you to the waiter, acknowledge the person who held the door open for you, do the courtesy wave if a car lets you in. It’s so simple but so impactful.
  23. Volunteer for causes that matter to you. If you can’t give money, you can always donate your time. Find a cause that matters to you and do what you can. Once a month, once a year… any bit helps overall and will do good for your soul, too.
  24. Spend time with those you love. Experiences and quality time with those most important in your life matter so much more than material items. People won’t always be there, but the memories you made with them will.
  25. Become friends with your immediate family. As your growing up, especially in our teenage years, we usually disregard and underappreciate our parents (especially) and the bonds with our siblings. As we get older and grow out of that mentality, reestablish a new “grown-up” relationship with them.
  26. Don’t get too caught up in what others are doing (or appear to be doing). It’s easy to compare and be envious of others, but keep in mind that you’re seeing the highlight reel and not the whole story. Take people’s public persona and online presence with a grain of salt.
  27. Never stop learning. Whether it’s career-related or a personal hobby, always strive to learn new things and new skills. It really enriches your life and makes you more versatile in so many ways.
  28. Stay in touch. As we get older, it becomes harder and harder to talk with our friends or find time to meet up in person. Send that meme that made you think of them, schedule a phone call, send a random postcard. A little extra attention can go a long way.
  29. Take a break when you need to. Know yourself well enough to know when you need a minute, a day, or even a week to focus on yourself. Be open and let people know if you don’t want to do something or would rather sit at home that night instead. Obviously, don’t make that a pattern or they’ll stop inviting you, but putting yourself first is always a good choice.
  30. It’s okay to still be figuring things out. Nobody is perfect and there’s a lot of misconceptions I had about being in my late twenties or being thirty. Do you at your own pace. There isn’t a blueprint for all this and everyone is dealing with different circumstances.

Thank you for reading and following along with me on this little thing called life. I appreciate you. β™‘

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