How to Meet the Band for Free

November 26, 2019

So you would like to meet the band, but don’t want to pay for the VIP experience or anything like that? No worries, I’ve got some tips that might let you do just that! These tips are more for newer or less established bands, because the more popular or bigger the band, the harder it is to find them in the following situations. Also, the earlier they are in the lineup for the night, the greater your odds are, as well.

Go to their merch table

Head on over to their merch table and ask the person working if the band will be out to talk to fans or sign merchandise. They’re usually upfront with what you can expect from the band that night. Some will be at their merch table after their set, then go back to the green room/backstage area once the other bands go on. Other times, the bands will be at their merch table after the whole show is done. The easiest way to find out what the scoop is is to just ask!

See them at a smaller venue

The smaller the venue, the better your odds are at meeting the band. A small bar show or a more intimate venue will definitely increase your chances versus a large arena concert. Granted, I have seen opening bands still at their merch booth at arena shows, so it really depends.

Get there early / stay there late

If you’re willing to stand in line or hang around after the show is done, you might be able to catch members of your favorite band arriving or leaving the venue. Keep in mind that they’re whole day and night is on a schedule to make sure they get to the next stop in time, so they aren’t usually going to have a ton of time to hang out or anything like that. You might get a quick hello and autograph, though, especially if you’re courteous.

Be polite

Speaking of being courteous, please always keep in mind that they do not owe you any attention, so always approach them with kindness and appreciation. They’re doing you a favor by taking time out of their day to talk with you and sign something. Say please and thank you and don’t get offended if they say they can’t or don’t have time. Say thanks anyways and you’re looking forward to the show or let them know how much you enjoyed it.

Those are my top tips to meet your favorite band! Have any of these tips worked for you or do you have any others?! I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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