What To Expect + How To Act at a Band Meet and Greet

October 18, 2019

One of the best things about going to a concert is getting to meet the band! A lot of bands have VIP with meet and greet opportunities available to purchase now. And a lot still do radio station meet and greets for listeners who won by being loyal listeners. Now, I will be upfront and let you all know that most the time I do a meet and greet, it is because I was invited by the radio station, promotor, or band since I’ve been working in radio in some way or another since 2012. So, yes, I’ve been to a lot of meet and greets and I have some useful tips for you!

  1. Arrive Early and Confirm Where to Meet At – Do not be the last ones to show up and get in line for the meet and greet! Many times it is in a private location that the public doesn’t have access to, so you are often brought in as a group and need to stay together. Make sure you know what time and where you’re going well in advance.
  2. Bring Your ID and/or Pass – This is show dependent, but it’s always good to have your ID handy and the confirmation that you’re supposed to be there – proof of purchase, email saying you won, etc. Oftentimes, there is a list for the day with everyone’s names who are supposed to be there, especially if you won the meet and greet vs purchased.
  3. Read the Fine Print – Check to see if you can bring merchandise to get signed, take your own photos, or even reenter the venue after the meet and greet. This varies wildly on the band and venue, so these are all good things to double-check beforehand so you know what to expect.
  4. Be Courteous – Please be on your best behaviour and be courteous to all involved – band members, staff, radio or venue personnel, and other fans. Don’t linger too long with band members, don’t hold up the line talking or asking for seven different items to get signed, and do not spill your drink on the lead singer. (Yes, saw this happen to Corey Taylor… luckily he was a good sport!)
  5. Go With the Flow – Don’t expect to have a lengthy heart-to-heart when you meet the band. More often than not, it’s truly just a meet and greet. You say hello, make some pleasantries, take a photo, and then it’s someone else’s turn. Once in a great while, the band will mingle or be more involved, but usually, due to time constraints, it’s just a quick 2-3 minute interaction per person.
  6. Don’t ‘Fangirl’ – I know this is probably your absolute favorite band, but I promise you they are just humans and would much rather have a normal conversation with you. I’m not saying you can’t express your appreciation and gratitude to them, please do that! Just do it in a more conversational tone and don’t spaz out about it.
  7. Have Fun – Probably the most important, have fun and enjoy your meet and greet!

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