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I Got Lasik

May 12, 2019

My mom got Lasik when I was in about 4th grade and I’ve literally wanted it ever since. LASIK (laser in-situ keratomileusis) is a procedure that uses a laser to change the curvature of the cornea. I started wearing glasses and then contacts very early on in life. I was wearing contacts by 4th grade, so when my mom got the surgery where she didn’t have to wear them anymore, I was perplexed. This was obviously quite a while ago and the procedure has only improved since then.

I was planning on getting it sometime this year, so on a whim in April, I looked up deals through my insurance and saw that I could go to Bond Eye Associates and receive a discount. I called and got booked for the next week on Tuesday, April 2nd. I had to wear my glasses all weekend so my eyes could take a breather and show their true shape. I went in and saw Dr. Bond. He was quite confident that I was an excellent candidate for Lasik. I expected to schedule it in the next few months or so, but they actually had an opening that Friday, so I decided to just go ahead and do it!

I had to continue wearing my glasses all week and show up bright and early to the office in Peoria, IL that morning. You have to have someone bring you and either wait or come back to pick you up because you’re not allowed to drive yourself. They give you a light sedative in the form of a pill beforehand and you sit in a quiet, dim room with those who are also awaiting surgery as well as those who just finished and are waiting for their ride.

When it’s your turn, they call you back and get you prepped for the procedure. The area around your eyes is cleaned and a sterile drape is applied around your eye. Anaesthetic eye drops are used to numb your eyes and you truly don’t feel anything that’s going on. When your eye is completely numb, an eyelid holder is placed between your eyelids to keep you from blinking during the procedure. This does feel quite weird but doesn’t hurt. It’s just an uncomfortable feeling to not blink your eye.

Next, they will laser a flap in your cornea so the laser can do its work. Dr. Bond let me know that I’d lose vision in that eye when they flip the flap open, but that is entirely normal. What a strange thing when you lose vision! It was slightly alarming, but since I knew what was expected, it didn’t phase me. Next, it’s time to just stare ahead and keep your eye completely still as the laser reshapes your cornea. I couldn’t feel any of this, but there was a slight smell, which I assume was the laser burning my eye tissue. Weird thought, right?! The laser can sense if you move your eye and will automatically shut itself off, but I was diligent to keep my eye in the same position for optimal results.

I think Dr. Bond said “perfect” about 42 times throughout my whole procedure, so I felt quite confident that it was going well. I even asked if he could tell contact wearers vs. glasses wearers because people with contacts seem to do a lot better with things touching their eyes and whatnot. He said he definitely could and I did an excellent job keeping still.

After that eye was done, the exact same thing happened to the other. They just put the flap back and there is no need for stitches or anything like that. Afterwards, you get some sexy goggles to wear while your sleeping and a ton of eyedrops. Immediately after the procedure, you’re told to go home, take a prescribed Valium, and take a nap. I did just that and was asleep probably 10am – 2pm. I woke up and could see immediately! It was amazing. One thing I didn’t know, though, is that Valium lowers your inhibitions, and I definitely went on an online shopping spree after my nap and don’t really recall doing so. Ha! You might want to have someone stay with you and make sure you don’t do that.

The next morning you go in for a check-up to see how you’re doing. They gave me this contact lense “bandaid” to wear on my left eye for a few days but took it off when I came back for another check-up. I had less dry eye than I was expecting. You had to use a special eye drop until it was gone and they gave me a pain relief eyedrop that I didn’t end up using since I experienced no pain or even discomfort really. You can’t wear makeup for two weeks following the procedure, so I planned accordingly and made sure I didn’t have any weddings or special things to attend where I really needed to be done up. You had to wear sleep goggles for two weeks, too, which was sort of weird but you got used to it. It’s to make sure you don’t rub your eyes in your sleep while you’re still healing.

It’s been smooth sailing for me ever since. I have to watch myself, though, that I don’t just put a finger in my eye or anything when something gets in them since I don’t have contacts anymore. It took about 8-12 weeks before I stopped thinking to myself “oh shit, I need to take my contacts out” when I was going to bed. I truly wish I did the procedure sooner, it’s been amazing. If you’re thinking about Lasik, I highly recommend doing it ASAP! Check with your insurance, many do special discounts and Bond Eye accepted Care Credit so I could pay off my procedure over the course of the year with no interest.

If you stop into Bond Eye, put me down for a referral! And if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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