Insert Name Here [INH Hair] Clip-In Ponytails + Bun Try-On + Review

April 19, 2020

I felt straight up bald when I took my extensions out, so when I was served an IG ad for INH hair showing off their easy-to-use and fabulous-looking ponytails and buns, I HAD to try. I went with a bun, a ponytail, and then an EXTRA long Ariana Grande-inspired pony, cause go big or go home, right? I did the starter bundle with the Sammy and Brit, which discounted them both a little bit. I got mixed brown in all three since my hair is still pretty ombre at the moment. I purchased all products mentioned in this post myself and all opinions are my own.

Update 9/27/21: I am now an INH Hair ambassador and have a code to share with you! Use code KIRSTENK15 and save 15% off your order!


So let’s start off with my ponytail all by itself. Going blond and then finding out I had hypothyroidism (which causes your hair to thin) explained A LOT with how my hair has been so difficult the last couple years. I’m really glad that shorter hair is so in right now, because I definitely prefer my hair longer, even though it is much easier to style when it’s this length.

So not cute, but doesn’t leave me with a whole lot of options, ya know? Especially if I haven’t given my hair some movement and body by curling it with a curler or straightener. Also, I just wanted to give you guys a little preview of these and my hair isn’t perfect by any means. I had a little extra time during this quarantine and thought I’d play a bit. So please excuse any bumps or gaps in my own hair, thanks!

Hi, I’m Sammy – Your Bun But Bigger – $38

Say bye to messy bun envy and hello to Sammy. The perfect combo of big hair energy and I-woke-up-like-this attitude, this messy bun hairpiece gives you tons of volume with none of the back-combing. It’s super easy to wear this messy bun extension. Just pull your own hair up into a mini-bun and then slip Sammy on over the top. Wrap a silk scarf around for some vintage-inspired style, add some sparkly hairpins for ultimate ballerina glamour or just let it sit for a simple weekend look.

I have found myself wearing this a lot for work, it’s easy to put on top of your own bun and then pin as needed for a messy or sleek look. It’s got four combs on each side and a pull cord to tighten it around the base of your bun. I usually put the sides in first then the top and bottom. Then just pull the cord and tuck under and pin to make sure it’s hidden. Then style as desired!

Hi, I’m: Brit – Felt cute might delete later – $49

Brit’s long curls will have you feelin’ cute, confident, and maybe a little wild ;). Simply wrap and secure around your pony and everyone will be calling you babygirl. This ponytail is pre-styled so it is not recommended that you use heat tools on it.

I’m really into this one! It’s really cute and soft and matches the ends of my hair super well! You can wear it high, like I am here, or low, too. It has a comb at the top that you put right before your ponytail to anchor it. Then you wrap around and velcro it tight around your own pony. Keep wrapping the hair to hide the velcro.

Hi, I’m: Ariana – Gee thanks, just bought it – $65

Say thank you, next to basic ponies with Ariana, INH’s highly requested 35” synthetic ponytail. Complete with a textured yaki perm for volume, you can straighten her for a permanent silky smooth look. Ariana is the girl for you when you want extreme volume and length without breaking the bank.

Ps. Did  you know this pony was featured in Ariana Grande’s “In My Head” music video? How cool is that?!

Alright, now this one is when you want to really make a statement! It’s super long, right to my butt and has a slight crimp to it to give it some texture. It has a comb at the top that you put right before your ponytail to anchor it. Then you wrap around and velcro it tight around your own pony. Keep wrapping the hair to hide the velcro, same as the Brit!

Color Selection Assistance

INH offers some color matching help. Just reach out to their Color Experts on Insta and they’ll tell you which shade to go for. Whether your hair is jet black, platinum blonde or ginger, Sammy comes in all different shades so it’s easy to find one to match. Or, if you want to be super daring, choose a color that contrasts with your roots. Like a grown-out dye job, without the bleach damage.

Mixed Brown Swatch

Overall, I’m really pleased with everything and I can’t wait until this quarantine is over and I can wear these out and about. I think they’re extra perfect if you don’t feel like taking the time to do your own hair. Just slick back in a pony and let INH do the talking for you!

Use code KIRSTENK15 and get 15% off your first order!

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