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My Favorite At-Home Workouts + Equipment

January 4, 2021

I feel like life is now officially divided into pre-corona times and post-corona times. The gyms were closed for a good majority of 2020 and towards the end, Austin entered stage 5 again and I decided to focus on at-home workouts – both for the convenience and safety factors. With it being the New Year and all, I know fitness and health concerns are back at the top of people’s minds, so I thought now would be a good time to share some resources and equipment that I’ve personally found useful.


I find that putting on an episode of a show I like and just working out through the entirety of the episode really helps. It doesn’t feel like I’m stuck working out but I’m not too distracted from it either. Also, figuring out what time of the day works best for you is huge! Lately, I’ve been doing my workouts around lunchtime and that seems to be working out well. At some point, when things get more “normal” again, my goal is to get my butt up earlier and knock it out first thing in the morning… especially if I’m doing a home workout, I’ve basically got to just roll out of bed!

Workout Inspiration

What if you’re just getting started or feel stuck for the day? No problem, I follow a few ladies that frequently post workouts on their platforms. I save them on Instagram and/or YouTube for days where I’m not feeling creative and just want to be told what to do. They also make for some great fitspo – they are all strong, healthy women! In no particular order…

Abby Polluck

I’ve been following Abby for a few years now and she recently switched to strictly at-home workouts from mostly lifting at the gym. I scooped up some of her workout plans on Black Friday and have enjoyed them. She also posts workouts on her Instagram and YouTube, along with a lot of educational content. Her plan focuses on three 30-minute workouts per week combined with reaching 10,000 steps every day – so definitely doable! I’ve learned some new ways to use dumbbells and really target specific muscles. Her at-home workouts use minimal equipment and would be great for someone just getting started.

Whitney Simmons

Another gal I’ve been following for a few years now! She is the same height as I am and we have similar measurements, so I especially like when she does try-ons on her YouTube. She has been posting at-home workouts on her Instagram more frequently lately. I just saved them in a folder and refer back to them later. She’s really upbeat and I enjoy her overall attitude. Whitney came out with her own workout app, Alive, not too long ago. I haven’t tried it, but if you have, I’d be curious to know your thoughts!

Chloe Ting

I first became aware of Chloe when her 2 week 10-minute a day ab challenge was going around in the spring of 2020 (hint – it works!). She has a ton of free workouts available on her website and on her YouTube channel. She posts some workouts over on her Instagram, as well. I see on her website, she has a recipe page that is under construction, so she might have some interesting and useful food content on the way, too! Again, I’ve mainly done her ab workouts and they are killer. The first few days SUCK but then it becomes easier and you will see results. Just have to stick with it!


Here is some equipment that I use regularly at home. I’d say the yoga mat, bands, and dumbbells get used the most frequently. I’d actually like to get a pair of 20-lb dumbbells soon, but for now I’ve been making due with my 15-lbs.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have other workouts you like to follow at home in the comments!

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