My Favorite Items from Lime Crime

December 22, 2020

Lime Crime is one of my favorite makeup brands and has been for years now after I tried my first velvetine. Back in 2013ish when matte lips were all the rage, I was getting frustrated that nothing seemed to last very long. Then I tried a velvetine. Oh my! Did she stay on my lips for hours and hours. They are still my go-to liquid lipsticks to this day. Since that first product, I’ve tried quite a bit of their products throughout the years. They tend to be innovative, dramatic, and colorful with all their makeup.

I’m going to go through the various categories of things I have tried and own myself. This is not a sponsored post so anything mentioned, I have bought myself. The only category I haven’t really tried from Lime Crime is their highlighters (I already have so many highlighters already), hair products, or any mascaras. Their lip products are the bread and butter for me, but there are other items and they’re frequently coming out with new things. There’s also been a lot of items that I’ve tried that are no longer available, so I’ll try not to talk about those too much.



It only made sense to start with the OG – Velvetine. There are so many, many colors available. Literally, almost anything under the sun that you’d want to put on your lips. There are both matte and metallic options available. These are long-wearing, full-coverage liquid lipsticks that are completely opaque and touch-proof.

Eyeshadow Palettes

I may or may not have almost all their eyeshadow palettes… I love their OG Venus palettes so much and the formula is just fantastic. I feel like they tend to have very unique and innovative color stories with their palettes. I currently have the Venus, Venus II, Venus III, Prelude Chroma, Venus Immortalis, Prelude Exposed, Venus XL 2, and a couple limited edition palettes that aren’t available anymore.


Plushies are like the more comfortable, more day-appropriate sister to the Velvetine. They are more soft and sheer than a typical liquid lipstick. Touch-proof finish ensures no-hassle all-day wear. Long-wearing formula dries down completely for a smudge-proof finish. One coat is all you need for that coveted my-lips-but-better effect, or build to your liking for more intensity.

Diamond Crushers

I use Diamond Crushers to really spice up my look – whether it’s my lips or even on my eyes! These super sparkly toppers dry down and are transfer-proof but remain glittery and sparkly as all get out. It’s not a gloss but is watery when you first apply. You can wear these alone, but I usually layer it on top of a similar or complementary color underneath.

Wet Cherry Lip Gloss

While a gloss is a gloss, these are quite nice. They have a next-level shine that feels so lightweight and comfortable on lips, it makes sticky, heavy formulas seem a thing of the past. Most are quite sheer, but there are some more opaque colors and even sparkly ones, as well.

Ghost Veil Lip Primer

I tried this on a whim and now it’s staple when I wear lip color no matter what brand I’m putting on top. Use this translucent sheer pink veil and up your game with compatible cream, gloss, matte, or sheer shades of your favorite lip products. It’ll help with longevity, feathering, fading, and flaking.

Softwear Blush Glow

These are so soft and blendable. They have a lot of very pretty neutral colors, but also some bolder blush colors, too. It’s a long-lasting cream-to-powder blush that highlights without blocking your skin’s natural radiance. 

Velvetines Lip Liner

Everything everything that made the Velvetines famous — from its transfer-proof performance to its petal-soft touch — now in a waterproof lip liner. These come in a variety of colors and work quite well. I only have a couple of these since I’d rather use up the existing lip liners I have before I buy more, but they are very nice.

I feel like I should mention that Lime Crime, particularly the previous CEO, had a controversial past. I won’t go into detail here, but please do some research just so you’re completely in the loop. I was quite happy when she stepped down from an active role in the company so I could support them freely once again. Lime Crime is definitely one of my all-time favorite brands and I have quite the collection at this point.

Have you tried any of Lime Crime’s products? What’d you think – comment and let me know!

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