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My Travel Essentials

December 2, 2019

Who doesn’t love traveling? I’m sure those people exist, but I haven’t met them yet! I wanted to share some of my favorite travel essentials for a weekend getaway to a long stay, the length of the trip doesn’t matter – these are all my favorites! I’ve also put together a handy list on Amazon if you’d like to check that out, too!


Your bag(s) might be one of the most important things when you’re traveling! You’ll need the right size, something durable, and ensure that it will fit all of your stuff. I have a few bags that I use for my travels.

Luggage Set

I got a new luggage set my senior year of college before I studied abroad for a month in London. I believe I got my exact set from Macy’s or Bergner’s (neither of which exist in Peoria anymore) for maybe $100-150? My parents gifted me it, so I don’t really remember. Anyways, I went with and obnoxious hot pink-colored set so it would be super easy to spot at baggage claim. This strategy has worked in my favor ever since, I can definitely spot my bags from far away and I’ve only seen one other one on the same flight as me in all my travels.

Large Tote

I love my Sole Society Lacie Weekender ($90) for overnight and weekend getaways! I have the black vegan leather version and it comes in so handy. I’ve had this a few years and it’s my go-to bag most of the time.

Toiletry + Makeup Bag

I looove this bag that I found on Amazon ($16). I can fit all my toiletries and makeup in this case. It’s got lots of compartments and pockets to keep you organized. It’s great for any length of trip. I toss this in my car or even in my carry-on luggage and it keeps all my hair, skin, and makeup items together.


I had been using this hot pink backpack since freshmen year of college and finally decided I needed a more adult-looking bag. I wanted something black faux-leather to go with my large tote bag. I had been looking for quite a while and finally found one on that’s big enough to hold an abundance of items (keep reading for what those items are) but still small and functional. Some cute leather backpacks below:

Personal Item Essentials

So, if you’ve got a flight or even a long car ride I have some standard things that I like to take with me.

Eye Mask – A comfortable eye mask comes in so freakin handy! There’s no better way to pass the time than catch up on some Z’s while you’re traveling. This let’s you do that much easier.

A Refillable Water Bottle or Tumbler – This is very necessary in the airport. Bring it in empty and fill up once you’re past security.

Gum – I feel like this one is self explanatory.

Sunglasses – Same here, you need some good sunglasses all the time!

Blanket Scarf – Some flights get SO cold and a scarf can help with this. It’s also useful as a makeshift pillow or blanket, too.

Neck Pillow – I think this is just a travel staple that everyone needs in their life. I have a memory foam one and I absolutely love it. Be sure to get this beforehand, they charge an arm and a leg at the airport!

Warm Socks – Again, planes can get cold! I like to keep an extra pair of warm socks in my bag to throw on my feet if I’m cold (which is often).

Books – I like to read to pass time when I’m flying, so I always grab a couple books and/or my Kindle.

Headphones – I tend to just use the Apple ones since they fit my ears nicely, but I’ve been eyeing one that is comfy and goes over the ears. You can even pull this one down over your eyes if you want and make it double as a sleep mask!

Chargers + Cables – I’m sure you’ll play on your phone to pass some time, too, so having your chargers and cables easily accessible is smart. You never know when you’ll wind up next to a

Chapstick – I mean, I don’t go anywhere without chapstick ever, so I always make sure I have one when I’m traveling.

Cozy Jacket – The softer the better, in my opinion. I have a lot of Northface jackets that I use for this, but I’ve also gotten some other fuzzier jackets, as well.

Hair Ties – In case you want to throw your hair back, it’s nice to have one ready.

I think that covers it! Did I forget anything? What do you always bring with you when you’re traveling?

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