Pixi Beauty Books – Blush and Contour [ REVIEW + SWATCHES]

April 6, 2016

The Pixi Book of Beauty line has intrigued me for a while now, so when I got a coupon code in their enewsletter, I couldn’t pass it up! Each Book of Beauty is $24. I decided to get the blushes and contour palettes. They also have a highlight, minimal makeup, brows, and bronzer beauty book, as well. Each book contains at least 6 circular shades (some are split in two) that you can see even with the product closed.

Let’s start with the blush. There is a mixture of both shimmery and matte shades in this palette. A shimmery dark orange-ish brown, a shimmery peach, a matte tangerine, a matte dark orange-ish brown, a shimmery bright pink, and a matte baby pink. You can wear each color alone or mix them to customize your look. I like the variety in this palette and I think it’ll be great throughout the seasons and my moods. Below is the blush palette, first with flash and then without.



Next up is the contour palette. There are three highlight shades at the top and three contour shades at the bottom. All the colors have a slight shimmer to them, with the exception of the lightest color, which is matte. These blend well for me. The two darker contour shades are a little dark on me right now. I can blend them out, but I stick with the lightest contour shade at the moment. Below is the contour palette, first with flash and then without.



Overall, I’d give these palettes an 8/10. At $4 a shade, you can’t really go wrong here. There’s variety in a convenient, pretty package. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have these or any of the other Books of Beauty!

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