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April 7, 2020

I am on the newer side when it comes to self-tanning. I remember how orange and smelly it used to be and never really got into it. Now that I really try to protect my skin and not expose myself to harmful UV rays, self-tanning seemed more appealing. I first tried out Tanologist last summer on a whim after seeing it in Target. I had pretty good results and did buy a few more items from the line and now it’s turned into quite the collection. Ulta just picked up the remaining items in the Tanologist line and I had to try them. I’d also like to point out that this post isn’t sponsored and I’ve purchased all the products myself.



Skin need a fresh start? Start all over again with the foaming self-tan eraser & primer.

The multi-use formula can be used as an eraser OR a pre-tan primer/exfoliating treatment. Let’s break it down:

  • ERASER: Effectively removes remnants of self-tan & conditions skin. For optimum results apply to dry skin at least 3 days after initial tan application.
  • PRE-TAN PRIMER: 3% vegan glycolic acid and deeply exfoliates & primes skin creating the ultimate tanning canvas.

This extra hydrating foaming mousse is the easiest way to remove traces of tan and prime skin for a fresh application. Powered by vegan glycolic acid to gently cleanse and resurface without stripping the skin. This is great if you need to take off your old tan or if you had a couple mistakes you need to fix up.


I love these drops. I usually do ~3 drops in my moisturizer at night on my face and neck after using the mousse on my body. Just be sure to wash your hands afterward!

Designed to be mixed with your skincare, makeup, or body care, the drops are easy to apply & 100% customizable. This flexible formulation is perfect for both newbies & experienced tanners. There are so many ways to glow from just one bottle. The more drops you add = the darker your tan. Getting that vacay bronze has never been easier!

Using 2-12 drops, you can choose the level of glow you wanna go. Formulated to minimize the chance of breakouts, these hardworking drops give a glowing complexion with less stress. Using our Self-Tan Drops will brighten, soften and hydrate with our skin-saving trio of Pink Grapefruit, Goji Berry & Juniper. The non-comedogenic formula works with your existing skincare and can be used on both face & body.


This was the first self-tanner I tried EVER. I saw it at Target and decided to try it on a whim. It actually worked pretty well and it didn’t look too orange. My application definitely needed some work, though. I have since figured out that I prefer using the water to mist my hands and feet instead of just using a mit. I find that it looks a lot better this way and the mousse is easier for the rest of the body.

No color guide means:

  • No blocked pores
  • No drying effect on the skin
  • No tan-transfer onto sheets or clothes


The mousse has grown to be my tried and true. It goes on clear and doesn’t stain my bedding, which is crucial. I use a mit to apply all over the body, with the exception of my face. I usually do two coats and leave on overnight. It’s not a super dark tan but still adds some color and looks natural, which works for me!

The transparent water-to-foam formula is the easiest way to achieve an all-over, flawless bronze. The lightweight foam glides onto the skin – for a tan that’s both fast-drying & mess-free. Once developed, your glow will last up to one week and fades evenly like your suntan would. Each bottle is express, so for a light glow, wash off after 2 hours. For the deepest bronze max it out overnight before showering. 


Lookin’ for sun-kissed skin? We got you, babe. The Gradual Tan Lotion works like your daily moisturizer with added GLOW for the perfect sun-kissed skin. This is great for maintenance to deposit just a little color and keep your skin nice and hydrated.

The easy-to-use tube guarantees a mess-free application, while the adaptable shade suits all skin tones. Once developed, your glow will last up to one week and fade evenly, like your suntan would. Reapply as needed to build color. This is perfect for keeping holiday skin glowing for longer.

Using the Gradual Tan Lotion will brighten, soften and hydrate with the power of Pink Grapefruit, Goji Berry & Juniper. The non-comedogenic formula is lightweight enough that it won’t clog pores and feels silky smooth on the skin. With the signature, fresh Eucalyptus fragrance, Tanologist is formulated at a low pH to minimize the traditional “tanner” smell.


Your cheat for 8 hrs of sleep – this is gradual tan specifically for your face! I love how this makes my skin feel and it smells amazing.

Skin running on empty? Needing a boost? Recharge your batteries overnight with our hydrating, gradual tanning treatment oil designed to supercharge skin while you sleep.

This is a skincare focused formulation, for use on the face. It’s perfect for beginners or those who prefer a lighter glow. Sun-kissed skin has never been so easy. The more drops you add = the darker your tan.

Formulated by Lottie to minimize the chance of breakouts these hardworking drops give a glowing complexion with less stress. Using the Overnight Oil will brighten, rejuvenate & hydrate with our skin-saving trio of Pink Grapefruit, Goji Berry & Juniper, plus a unique blend of hardworking oils. The non-comedogenic formula should be directly applied to the face.

Why I’m obsessed…

  • Use in the evening to recharge skin overnight
  • 100% customizable. More drops = deeper glow
  • Hydrating ingredients mean no more dry skin
  • Non-comedogenic, so no clogged pores
  • Vegan, Organic & Cruelty-Free


Insta-Ready skin in a flash. Use this if you need some color right now! I especially like this for my legs if I’m feeling a little pasty.

Like a perfecting skin filter in a tube, Insta Glow body bronzer is enhanced with light-reflecting nanoparticles for a FIRE skin finish. The totally transfer-proof formula dries down in seconds & once set is totally water & sweat resistant for up to 24hrs. Use like body makeup to blur imperfections & correct uneven tone.

The versatile formula gives an instant, deep color pay-off, and can be worn alone or used to enhance your existing glow.

Using Insta Glow will brighten & soften skin with our signature blend of hydrating ingredients. The non-comedogenic formula can be used on both face & body- Lottie loves applying with a makeup brush & using as an illuminating bronzer for a sun-kissed makeup look.

Insta Glow glides seamlessly onto skin and is fast drying & never tacky. Your bronze will last up to 24hrs and is removed with warm, soapy water. The easy-to-use tube guarantees a mess-free application, while the adaptable shade works for all skin tones.

Before vs After 12 Hours

Have you tried this brand? If so, what do you think?!

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