Trying Jill: At-Home Dermaplaning

March 30, 2022

I was super intrigued when I saw an ad for Jill – an at-home dermaplaning blade. I clicked through and went to their site and decided to check it out for myself! It’s supposed to be good for your skin and help your makeup look better, so it seemed win-win. Here are the things dermaplaning can do:

  • Removes facial hair and exfoliates your skin
  • Allows for deeper penetration for your skincare products
  • Improves your makeup application
  • Smooths skin tone and texture, and helps remove acne scars
  • Enhances collagen production + tightens skin


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Jill Starter Kit – $24.99 with free shipping

  • Jill Glow Wand with Protective Lid 
  • 1 Shave Set (Two different razor heads: a petite blade is for your eyebrows & upper lip and a wide blade is for your cheeks and forehead)
  • Travel Case
  • Gunk Pad
  • Instruction Manual 


1. Cleanse and Apply Pre-Shave

Let’s get started with the most important step of the shave process: SKIN PREP! Prepping your skin properly before you shave is going to help make sure you achieve all the radiant short term and long term benefits from shaving.

There are 3 things you must do before you shave. They call them the 3 C’s! 

  • Clean Face
  • Clean Hands
  • Clean(New) Blades

Cleanse your face with a mild foaming cleanser —make sure this doesn’t have any active ingredients, using a mild foaming cleanser will clean the skin of any impurities or bacteria before you shave. You will also want to make sure your hands are clean of bacteria as well! (no touching your phone once they are clean!) Lastly, make sure you are shaving with new, clean blades each time you shave! Just make sure you are subscribed to receive new blades monthly.

Once you’ve cleansed your face and your hands its time to apply your facial oil and get ready for the shave process!

Apply a light layer of facial oil on all the areas of the face you plan to shave. You don’t want your face drenched in oil, but you want enough to cover the skin allowing the blade to glide gently on the skin and prevent any irritation. You will also want to have control pulling the skin taut when you’re shaving and too much oil will make that a little tough!

2. The Shave

Now that your skin is prepped its time to get your glow on! Make sure you have your microfiber Gunk Pad handy! You’ll want to clean your blade every few strokes! Hold your Jill razor at a 45 degree angle and pull the skin taut with the opposite hand.

Remember, the KEY to female face shaving is to shave in the direction the hair grows and not against the grain. This will prevent any sort of stubble in the regrowth phase and your hair will grow back just the same.

Start your shave with the petite blade and shape around your brows. This blade was designed to lay perfectly against your brows and help you achieve that nice arched brow shape— you can also use the petite blade to go right between your brows/upper nose region. Once you’ve cleaned up the brows — move to the upper lip. The petite blade fits this part of the face perfectly as well. Feel free to use the petite blade on your nose and around your nostrils as well.

Be very gentle! Once you’ve completed those areas, go ahead and switch over to the bigger blade, the Jill wide blade. This will be used for the larger areas of your face. Start with your forehead and use short downward strokes.

If this is your first time shaving, definitely start gentle and slow and don’t feel the need to dig into your skin! Use light feathering motions until you get used to this skincare practice. You won’t need to get very close to your brows since you’ve already shaped these.

Eventually you will move to the other parts of the face you want to shave, cheeks, jawline, neckline, chin, etc. Make sure you’re cleaning your blade as you go! You don’t want any hair or dead skin building up on your blade. Also, make sure to avoid any inflamed areas (acne) or raised moles. 

3. Nourish & Glow 

And that’s it! All-and-all it took maybe 10 minutes total? And if your skin looks a little red, this is very normal and should calm down within a couple of yours.

Now it’s time to nourish the skin with a facial oil or moisturizer that is packed full of hydration and nutrients. Again, you won’t want to follow up your shave with any active ingredient products or chemical based products. Gentle hyrdration is what we’re going for!

I recommend doing this before bed so you can just head to bed and wake up with gorgeous skin in the morning!


How often should you use it?

This can very per person, however our suggestion is to shave every other week or as needed based on your natural hair growth/frequency of makeup application.

Making this a regular part of your skincare routine is important so that you can get all the benefits face shaving offers, such as radiant skin, collagen production and improved product penetration!

Maintaining glowy skin requires consistency rather than one-off solutions, shaving regularly enhances the effects of your entire routine.

When should I replace my blades?

We urge you to use a new blade every time you shave – this is the best way to ensure you will not carry any bacteria over that may cause acne. Our subscription plan sends you 2 new shave sets (1 Wide + 1 Petite Blade) monthly, so you can shave every other week with a clean set of blades.

What is the subscription plan?

Every time you shave, you need a shave set (our cute little pink box) – to ensure no bacteria spread. A shave set includes 1 Wide blade and 1 Petite blade.

With our subscription plan, you will receive 2 shave sets a month so you can shave every other week as per our recommendation. You can skip, cancel, pause or change shipping dates at any time with no strings attached.

If you want to decrease the frequency of shipment to match your personal shaving needs (every other month or every 3 months), you can do so after placing in an order in your account dashboard.

Should I use Jill if I have acne?

Acne is very unique to every individual. You should never shave directly over open acne as that is likely to spread bacteria and to cause inflammation. Shaving around acne is our best suggestion, or completely avoiding areas with more acne. 

This is not to say that you should not shave overall, it can be beneficial to help fight your acne scars as well as prevent new acne from forming due to the exfoliation/enhancement of other products. We recommend you simply do a patch test on a part of your face and see the results for yourself.

Get 10% off when you use code KIRSTEN10!

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