ZzzQuil VoxBox from Influenster

July 5, 2016

I was chosen to try out the new ZzzQuil sleep-aid courtesy of Influenster. It came with 2 capsules, which is one nights worth. It also came with a coupon to buy more ZzzQuil.
I did an unboxing video, which you can view below.

I ended up using this last night, the night of the 4th of July. I had the day off work, which was amazing, but I still had to get up sort of early the next day. I figured I’d be hyped from watching the fireworks until pretty late. My body was pretty tired, but my mind wasn’t quite there. I took the two small, purple capsules at 11:40pm. Then about 12:15, my eyes could barely stay open. I rolled over and fell asleep while he played on his tablet until he was ready for bed. I slept all night and did not wake up once. Normally, I wake up once or twice from the dogs moving around. It was quite hard to get up at 7:15am this morning. That’s not atypical for me, though. What was a little unusual was still feeling like my eyelids were super heavy driving to work. Once I got some food, though, I didn’t feel tired. I’m thinking I needed another hour or so of sleep, so it was a full 8 hours.

Overall, I think they worked. It’s hard to tell from one night. I will probably use the coupon that came with it and get some more. I can see why these would be handy to have, but I’d make sure I was able to get 8 hours or more if I took them again.

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