10 iPhone Apps that I Love

November 7, 2019

Today, I’ve put together a list about my favorite iPhone apps for all my lovely readers! Apologies to any Android users out there… this one might not be for you. I’m sure some are available on both, but surely there will be a handful that are Apple only. There’s a good variety in the kinds of apps here, but I personally love and recommend all of the apps mentioned below. I also tried to stay away from the super obvious apps that most people probably have and stick to the more unique ones I enjoy.


Checking the weather for the day is one of the first things I do when I get up every morning. This app always includes a funny, vulgar comment on the current weather and it never fails to make me smile. If you hate cuss words, this app isn’t for you, but I personally find it hilarious.


Yep, I’m one of those people who track what I eat. I even have the paid version of this app so I can better set goals and whatnot. It’s easy to use and has a large database of foods. It’s not the prettiest food app, but it integrates with my FitBit and that makes it a home run for me.


I spend an ungodly amount of time on reddit in general, but a lot on my phone… What can I say, it’s entertaining! Definitely sign up if you haven’t already, cause it only gets better after you start subscribing to subreddits that interest you.

Calendars 5

I forget which iOS version it was that had the major iCal redesign, but I hated it. I went searching for a new calendar app and tried out a ton before settling on and purchasing Calendars 5. It can sync with iCal, Google Calendars, etc. so it’s great to keep everything organized and display it the “old-fashioned” way that iCal used to.


This app changed the game for me as far as weightlifting and working out goes. It makes it easy to keep track of what weights you did last time, create your own program, or follow along with the 1,000s other users have uploaded onto their database. It’s really easy to use and I literally use it for any weightlifting I do now.

Facetune 2

I love Facetune but probably not for the reasons most people do. I find that, in my house especially, a lot of time the background looks much warmer than it does to the eye in real life. I use the whiten teeth option in Facetune to “whiten” the background of my photos fairly often. It makes things look more consistent and truer to real life.


This app is great and lets me see any shipments I’m expecting to be delivered all in one place. It pulls directly from your email account once you get them all set up and shows when they are supposed to be delivered. Simple, but effective!

Status Money

There are tons of banking apps, but I like this one because it shows your overall financial status and compares it to your peers and the national average. You can see where you stack up as far as spending, debt, credit score, etc. in comparison. It’s a neat way of looking at your financial health and I find it motivating!


This is essentially a social media platform for drinking beers. I’ve had it a while now and use it to keep track of the ciders I try since I’m not a beer drinker. You can earn badges for doing various things on the app like posting a photo or getting a certain kind of beer on a certain day. If you see me taking a photo of my cider, it’s because I always post it with my check-in on Untapped.

Board Kings

My friend Kiley got me hooked on this while we were in Austin and I haven’t stopped playing since! It’s fun and free. You are a player and have a board game that changes as you level up and progress in the game. You can go on your friend’s boards and play, too. Just try it, it’s fun!

So there you go! My top 10 favorite apps, leaving out the obvious ones. What do you think? Have any suggestions for me? Comment and let me know!

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