Halloween 2020

November 2, 2020

Halloween this year was a little different due to coronavirus (it’s really changing how we do everything, isn’t it?), so I had a small shindig at my house with some friends on Friday and then went to another small house party on Saturday. On Friday, I was holy guacamole and on Saturday I was a vampire cheerleader!

I had my apartment decked out as a full fledged haunted house since mid-September, so it was a nice buildup to the big day. It was fun, I played my ridiculously long Halloween playlist and hung out and snacked on some delicious food. I was especially proud of my cheeseboard and the guacamole throw up.

Saturday I busted out a vampire cheerleader costume I got on clearance last year that just so happens to match my new Halloween themed tattoo. The contacts definitely made the costume – they were freaky! Saturday was more chill and we played some card games – I even learned a few new games! Then we hung out by the bonfire. I was super glad it ended up being nice out. And actually, I went golfing for the first time Saturday morning and that was pleasantly enjoyable and relaxing. I get to be outside and enjoy the wonderful weather and drive around a golf cart?! Sign me up!

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