SK-II Facial Treatment Essence + Facial Treatment Mask [REVIEW]

May 19, 2016

Influenster kindly included me in their SK-II vox box and I received the essence and face mask to test out! I’ve heard good things about essences (sort of like a lotion, but in liquid form) and was excited to try it out!

To apply, you put a few drops in your hand to warm it up then gently pat on your face until it’s absorbed. I’m loving it so far. It sinks in so quickly and feels great on my skin. It’s super light-weight and literally feels you’re wearing nothing. I have combo-dry skin that is sensitive and this works like a charm for me! The smallest size available is 75 ml and is $99. I even took this on vacation with me and it felt wonderful on my slightly sunburned skin. It was great patting it on and not rubbing it in, so I didn’t irritate my skin further when applying.

The face mask intrigued me, because I hadn’t used this type of mask before. It’s a cotton cloth that is soaked in a concentrated treatment of the essence that you lay on your face (it has eye and nose holes cut out) and let it absorb into your skin. You look a little frightening while wearing it, but you usually do with masks, right? It smelled wonderful and my skin felt very soft after using it. One of these babies is about $13.50 ($135 for a 10 pack) according to SK-II’s website.

All-in-all, I really like my SK-II products and would recommend them! 8.5/10

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