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September 30, 2019

If you’ve been working out for a while, you’ve probably come across various products that you enjoy using and see results. I wanted to share with you what I’ve been using and continue to buy, in the variety of powders and supplements mostly. None of these products are sponsored, I’ve bought everything listed below with my own money.

Protein World Slender Blend Powder – $45 : This is by far my favorite protein powder that I’ve tried. I get the vanilla flavor and like it enough to just mix it with water, which is only 143 calories per serving. It has 23g of protein and 2g of fat per serving. I drink this for lunch sometimes or after I workout if I’m trying to hit my protein goal. They also have a good list of recipes if you like to make your shakes a little fancier. I think I first bought this protein 5 years ago when I was pescatarian and looking for ways to get more protein in my diet and I have tried others, but this is still my go-to. *If you comment with your email or send me a message I can send you an invite for 50% off your first order!*

RSP AminoLean – All-in-One Pre Workout – $17 : I only started using a preworkout this year and I have noticed a difference, especially since I go after working all day. It gives me a nice little energy boost that motivates me through my workout but doesn’t give me a crash afterwards. I have only tried the fruit punch flavor, but I really like it. It has 0 carbs, 0 sugars, & 0 calories which is a must for me, I don’t want to waste calories or macros if I don’t have to! It is supposed to give you a boost of sustained energy, help build lean muscle, manage your weight, and help you recover from your workout faster. I would say I’ve noticed the biggest difference in the energy portion.

Bulk Supplements Beet Root Powder – $11 : My brother actually got me this when I expressed I was interested in trying more than just protein powders to aid my workouts. He’s a Physical Therapist and a part-time physical trainer, so I trust his judgment! I actually add a scoop into my preworkout drink with the AminoLean, because this doesn’t taste fantastic. It’s not bad, but it’s definitely better with the fruit punch flavor. The website says it “increases blood flow in the body can also increase the amount of oxygen traveling to the muscles and brain, allowing for enhanced endurance during physical exertion and assistance with cognition and memory. These benefits are best seen under conditions of high-intensity exercise, making supplementation a popular choice among motivated athletes.”

Protein World Slender Pre Workout Blend – $25 : I have two offices at work and wanted to keep one at each of my desks, so I decided to try this one out and compare to the Amino Lean since I love their protein powder. I got the peach tea and it is a very strong flavor. I would actually like to try the summer fruit flavor, because I find the peach tea quite tarte for my tastes. It is supposedly an energizing, high caffeine pre-workout that will boost your metabolism and burn fat with Choline and L-Carnitine. It does seem to give me more energy, though. *If you comment with your email or send me a message I can send you an invite for 50% off your first order!*

Robert Irvine’s Fit Crunch Protein Bars – $20 for 9 bars : I actually get these at Costco, but they are available on Amazon, too. They are a tasty peanut butter chocolate flavor and genuinely don’t taste like a typical protein bar. I keep these at work in case I need more than a shake but still want to get some additional protein in. Each bar is 190 calories, 16g of protein, 3g of sugar, and gluten-free.

Protein World Slender Oatmeal – $19 : I love this oatmeal. I have a container at home and at work. You can make this up in a coffee mug real easy. I’ve only tried the vanilla flavor and I love it. It’s got 12g of protein and it’s 179 calories per serving. I find that it is quite filling and keeps me satiated a good amount of time. *If you comment with your email or send me a message I can send you an invite for 50% off your first order!*

Kirkland Signature Adult Multivitamin – $13 : I feel like a little kid taking gummy vitamins, but it gets me to actually take it, so I stick with it. They provide 10 essential vitamins, including vitamins C, D and E for antioxidant support and immune health, vitamin D for bone health, and B vitamins for energy metabolism.

Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein – $17 : This is the protein powder I use when I don’t want any additional flavor added to it. It’s great to mix into other things (although iced coffee is not one of them, learned that the hard way). Each serving (one scoop) is 94 calories and 18g of protein.

Oats Overnight – $45 : I love Oats Overnight! They are so easy to make and so tasty. I always get the variety pack and I like all flavors equally. You just mix one packet of Oats Overnight with with milk or a milk substitute the night before and place in the fridge. That’s it, just give it a shake in the morning and you’re good to go! Each pouch has 34g of protein, is gluten free, and 410 calories if you use milk.

BeMo Motivational Protein Shaker Bottle with Protein Powder Storage Compartments – $6.50 : I found this on Amazon and I’m obsessed! It’s a great price and has storage for powders and pills if you make up your stuff in the morning and take to work, it’s so useful! It holds 28oz and comes in a few different colors to choose from.

Protein World BCAA Capsules – $11 : I feel like this is best explained directly from the website, “Our ultra-pure BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid) Capsules contains three key amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine) that help your body convert protein into muscle through the process of protein synthesis and recover from exercise. Our BCAA capsules help prevent muscle breakdown, enhances your fat burning capabilities, increases your focus, reduced muscular soreness and boosts mood!” I take these mostly on the weekends when I wake up and hit the gym. *If you comment with your email or send me a message I can send you an invite for 50% off your first order!*

I think that’s about it! Is there anything else you love using that I should check out? Comment and let me know!

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