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Buffalo Tuna Salad Stuffed Avocados

March 23, 2021

I love me an easy, healthy, protein-packed meal. I tend to lean towards tuna salad dishes because I find them tasty and easy to make. In this particular instance, I actually started with some buffalo-style tuna salad, but you could always add your favorite hot sauce or buffalo sauce if you don’t have that on hand. I had some perfectly ripe avocados, too, so I figured loading up some buffalo-style tuna salad on top would hit the spot and it did not disappoint!


To Make

Combine everything besides your avocado into a bowl and mix together. Then half your avocado, remove the pit, and spoon your tuna salad creation on top of both halves of the avocado. Then enjoy! See, it was truly THAT easy! I did have a bit more tuna mix than I had room for on the avocado, so you could save it for the next day or eat it as is, like I ended up doing.


611 Calories

Protein – 43.5G

Fat – 41.5G

Carbs – 24G

Let me know if you try this out or if you have other tuna salad recipe suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

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